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Best Hoverboard Price and Review, 30 Best Hoverboards – Best Hoverboards

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September 29, 2017


A lot of peoples call them HOVERBOARDS while a few refer to them as SELF BALANCING SCOOTER . If you want to buy best self-balancing scooter and before buying you want to know about the best hoverboards price, Specification and Pro’s and Con’s ? Then You are on the Right Place!

In the beginning, these Segways, mini-Segways or self-balancing scooters – whatever you call them, were just the expensive toys for rich families to buying for their kids playing. Hoverboards were seen on FB, TV, on YouTube and seemed much everywhere on the social media or the internet. There was a bundle of publicity but for the majority of the population were hard to get because the pricing of these hoverboards made them out-of-the-way.

Recently, these self-balancing scooters are the hottest selling toys for the holiday season. These self-balancing scooters or hoverboards are the two wheel scooters which are motorized electrically with having individual sensors. And are mainly used by stars & celebrities, and the two-wheeled electric hoverboards are a big hit with the teens and kids. The self-balancing scooters or hoverboards are now present with the cheap, and the best hoverboards prices in the market that come with a message that these are secure, safe and you can be used these best hoverboards without any issues. In the last two years electric hoverboards have become most popular, but before you obtain your hands on one, it’s wildly important to do your research to make sure that you’re getting the safest and buying on the cheap and look at the best hoverboards price. To help you to find the best hoverboards price research, we’ve to collect the best self-balancing scooters or hoverboards on the market. These hoverboards come into the market with best prices, safety and other unique features that make them stand out from the rest. So you have to read this BEST HOVERBOARDS PRICE list to see which set of hoverboard scooter is the right for you.

For an average consumer, deciding the best hoverboard with affordable and reasonable price in the market can be a bit complicated, considering how popular and famous the hoverboards have become. For that issue, we are selecting the best self-balancing scooters with best hoverboards prices that currently available in the market. These best electric hoverboards are available having different models and from different companies in order to keep the right use of customer money and their satisfaction.

How To Ride A Hoverboard Correctly ?

  • Before riding, you have to sure that the battery of hoverboard is full so, if it’s full then you have to make fun for a long ride.
  • Use the mode of beginner if the hoverboard has such modes; well, if not, learn not including that mode.
  • When you are on the balance board, try yourself adjusting physically and ride for the straight line.
  • Getting on the balance board. If you feel disturbed, unbalance and uncomfortable, you have to ask someone to help you or find anything that you can hold to balance the body.
  • If you want to turn the balance board, the right example; stop the balance board, then put a straight amount of pressure on your inner left heel and a little amount of pressure on your outer right heel.


In 2015 while AMAZON removed all unsafe & dangerous hoverboards listings back, and now in 2017, they’ve started to come back in a safer form with a best hoverboards price. These best hoverboards lists are certified apparently and listed for electrical safety, passing all necessary certification/safety requirements, which should give peace of mind to potential buyers.

In functionality terms, these best hoverboards, Segways, mini-Segways can do everything which you’d really expect – it features sensitive pressure plates for you which control the self-balancing board and a built-in gyroscope to assist you to stay upright, and a few LEDs to look your hoverboard cooler. The LEDs lights that available in best hoverboards does up to 8mph, and gives you 60 minutes claimed for continuously use on a single charge of battery.


There are more than a few companies which produce self-balancing scooter with different hoverboards price and brand. Hoverboards is a perfect toy for riding around home. There are many various types of footboards available in the market but to choose a hoverboard is better for you because it provides you a rubber foot which makes you stability to jump on and off and will be secure while in use.

Make sure your Bluetooth controlled hoverboards meets World quality standards. Without creating any sound, the two wheel of the scooter should be operating correctly and smoothly on the ground. It should be high with the self-balancing device. A powerful battery provides you a bit longer travel and keeps good. Some hoverboards come with LED lights in the front to allow you to use while you are in darkness as well.


Movement of these smart scooters is controlled by infrared sensors and these sensors controlled by your feet, legs, and moves of your body. It is advisable to you that before riding the hoverboard, you have to put the helmet, elbow pad, knee pad and wrist guard.


  • U SAGE : It should be user-friendly for the beginner and easy for use if it’s your first time to rides hoverboards. If you are used to the product, then you can use the devices with several custom options too.

Additionally, there are further features which you have to consider like Bluetooth, cost, waterproof, LED light, movement, and board size.


Hoverboards can be hard to obtain the hang off. But one time you master riding mini-Segways or hoverboards, and then it moves seamlessly with you, turning smoothly and stop on a dime. Segways or mini-Segways riding one almost feels similar to an extension of you, and it doesn’t need any manual motion, like a skateboard or kicks scooter. A lot of speed you can pick up (mostly 10 hours per miles) and create then quicker rather than be walking.

Now that we have a list of BEST HOVERBOARDS with all the affordable and reasonable cheap hoverboards to have further details to look at every model and what creates it so unique. In this below best hoverboards list we will be talking about all their specifications, designs, features and pretty much everything a potential buyer must know about each hoverboard that made it to our best hoverboard list.


The new SEGWAY MINIPRO hoverboard comes with a knee-high “steering bar” poking up from the major stage. the segway Mini pro is built better rather different hoverboards with filled with chunks tires and a considerable platform to stand upon. And of course, this smart self-balancing personal transporter is also controlled by mobile Bluetooth; while having Bluetooth functions, so many people call them Bluetooth hoverboard. the scooter has an app for both (Android and iOS devices) which is used for a lot of different purposes – and this as well as includes undefeatable safety instructions and annoyingly insistent (still if you’ve sat during them before you require to stay 30 seconds or close down the app to go away). The segway minipro best hoverboard app also charge levels and speed of monitors.

Many two wheel electric scooters with hoverboard technology will struggle to claim the name “segway” but no one of them can match the high standards of the brands of segway. The new engineering design of segway delivers the premium production feature and top tier technology that segway is branded for. The segway minipro hoverboard provides you an exciting and unique experience of riding for free, recreational, and active consumer way of life.


The remote-controlled of segway Mini pro offers you a d-pad type surface to monitor the hoverboard, but in the remote, there’s no camera, and you have to control only over Bluetooth. This means the line of view with 15 meters (50 feet) or so. It’s ideal for scaring pets and a fun trick, but when riding it’s even harder to control. Braking gets much longer, even when you pull right rear and it’s in fact really easy to crash the unit. As a consequence, it’s perhaps not something you’ll make use of a lot.

You don’t have to need hours to master yourself of riding segway Mini pro. we take advantage of decades of join company’s knowledge to simplify this best hoverboard-riding experience. The ergonomic design of segway minipro makes use of precision infrared sensors to keep your board balance and to capture movements of your whole body. The control of knee bar gives you to guide more precisely and more smoothly than two wheeled scooters.


The segway Mini pro is an engineered because many kinds of indoor and outdoor terrains it quickly can be handled. The electric double motor engine can traverse quickly and manage various conditions of the road without sacrificing stability and safety. the (pneumatic 10.5 and chassis 3.5) air packed tires give you a military grade shock resistance to soaking up vibrations as you ride and efficiently smooth out bumps.


Durability & portability are necessary to the segway Mini pro ergonomic design. Since the frame is making from a hard-wearing magnesium alloy, super light, the minipro considers in at a 12.7kg (mere 28 lbs). This creates it lightweight and compact sufficient to be carried, transported and stored. For compact storage, the control of knee bar can be rapidly separate from the upper frame.

  • The SEGWAY MINI PRO is an electric self-balancing scooter which has been manufactured with particular alloy construction and using carbon fiber which creates the minipro product frivolous weather resistant and yet durable
  • SEGWAY MINI PRO smart electric self balancing personal transporter comes with led lights that are visible and help you in the dark and reduces the collisions and risk of accidents
  • The knee control bar is removable for storage & for transportation.
  • This Mini pro scooter comes with adjustable height knee control bar that can be used to steer and it gets better the product maneuverability.
  • This advanced self-balancing electric scooter has a high level of customization because one can change the colors on the led headlights, set the anti-theft alarm, and run diagnostics if the hoverboard is not well functioning.
  • To improve the rider protection more, it comes with a user’s manual of the safety events.
  • The electric self-balancing scooter cannot easily handle the load taken by similar other products.
  • The electric self-balancing scooter is relatively thick, and many hoverboard users have complexity transporting it from one place to another place.


Segway Mini Pro is available with best Affordable price in the market, the Minipro is innovative, genuine hoverboard, but it provides a lot more than its predecessors. Comparatively, the segway Minipro is much secure and safer than the other hoverboards that were introduced in the market before.

SWAGTRON T1 is the familiar, famous and the best hoverboard because it joins the current and the upcoming standards on safety and user experience and it is the majority people’s favorite choice. This self-balancing scooter comes with the best hoverboard price and uses the both most advanced and latest software and hardware to gives you the secure and safe hoverboard. This best electric hoverboard has a multi-layer protection on their battery which can keep you protected all the moment. The motor and gear system of best hoverboard offers you smoother and a more stable ride. This best self-balancing hoverboard was the first scooter in the world to pass all the latest UL2272 hoverboard protection tests and the merely one to pass the 10-ton crush test. A lot of people’s call this best hoverboard a “swag hover skateboard”.


If you are a beginner and want to ride this SWAGTRON T1 than this self-balancing hoverboard offers you an easy learning, in which you can make use of the learning mode. The learning mode in this best hoverboard is specially made for beginners to ride quickly and safely. And the non-slip footpads maintain your ride safely while you are riding this hoverboard.


SWAGTRON T1UL 2272 CERTIFIED HOVERBOARD is our second favorite choice because this is highly modern, reasonable, electric self-balancing scooter or hoverboard. It organizes gyroscopic technology wholly transforms the way you travel on your electric hover scooter. The SWAGTRON T1 comes with steering and dynamic equilibrium. And this steering and stopping of hoverboard are controlled by the Dynamic Equilibrium which is all based on your body shifting and depend on your body weight. This best hoverboard is easy to use, and it’s extremely simple to control and to operate, and the looks are incredibly swag.

You’ll boldly cruise on this electric motorized self-balancing scooter up to 8 mph in excess of an 11-mile range holding weight up to 220 lbs. The SWAGTRON T1 is easy to ride because this best hoverboard comes with an indicator which always helps you to let you know that how much battery is left on your ride. If you are looking for a beginner kid’s scooter, SWAGTRONS’S T1 dual learning mode helps you to build up your riding smoothly.


Continue to ride safely and easy since the SWAGTRON T1 is Planet – friendly with zero emissions. This best hoverboard is firmly built using the peak quality components and industry-leading protected features creating it also a great kids and adults electric scooter. The self-balancing hoverboard hands-free smart board holds the advanced technology from SWAGTRON, as well as all latest features that create riding more fun and safer.


SWAGTRON T1 is the best hoverboard price scooter which provides you the overall same riding experience as the other and uses the same design like other with safety battery. SWAGTRON T1 is the self-balancing electric scooter and an exceptionally great and cheap hoverboard, and our latest former pick.

  • This electric self-balancing scooter or hoverboard has non-slip footpads which increase the stabilization of SWAGTRON T1 and make it safer to ride and more comfortable to use even for beginners who have even no experience.
  • The best hoverboard approximately takes 2 to 3 hours to full charge, and the multi-layer protection battery has a long life.
  • It is a perfect mobility electric scooter as it can cover a stretch of up to 12 miles.
  • This best hoverboard price scooter is very responsive, and it can manage predictable actions, so beginners can learn and make use of the quickly learning mode.
  • They also can maintain safety and provided the manual instructions to their users.
  • The balance board could easily crack if one exceed the maximum limit of weight (regarding 220 lbs) so above average weight of peoples cannot be used this balance board


Overall, best hoverboard price the SWAGTRON T1 is an excellent, responsive, simple to use and a durable hoverboard. We highly recommended this best hoverboard, especially for those beginners and expert drivers who are looking for a quality self-balancing hoverboard that goes a slight faster than your standard hoverboard. The best hoverboard SWAGTRON T1 is also famous as a self-balancing hands-free scooter or smart balance board. In spite of what you would like to call it, we call it simple, amazing and super fun too!


The POWERED BY HOVERBOARD is a two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter and is almost certainly one of the cheapest hoverboards out there, and the question that a lot of people were asking about this hoverboard is that “Is it worth to buy?” So the answer is “yes” because this best hoverboard price scooter comes with many features and you found this balance board in best hoverboard price.

The POWERBOARD BY HOVERBOARD – UL 2272 is built very well. Proof of this is its weight which is 30lbs. While this doesn’t precisely create it appealing to those looking for a balance board that’s lightweight, there are further many advanced features that build this best hoverboard worth the price.

The balance board also has an onboard level of battery gauge which will inform you when you close to the end of the board’s battery life. But the self-balancing scooter has a noticeably better battery life which offers you up to 6 hours of battery timing.



The POWERBOARD is politely firm, and of standard weight at 26 pounds. This balance board is available in many different colors like blue, black, or red and these all colors have their impressions and all having with LED lights to designate turns and direction for your protection while you are in darkness or having any low visibility.


This best electric self-balancing hoverboard belongs to best hoverboard prices which is one of the extremely few electric scooters that have a more potent and multilayer battery. On a single charge, this balance board goes for six hours of use without any battery warning. When it comes to charging time, this best hoverboard acquires less than an hour to charge the battery completely. This alone creates the POWERBOARD BY HOVERBOARD a lot further suitable to travel around with compared to other scooters in the market.

This best electric self-balancing hoverboard belongs to best hoverboard prices which is one of the extremely few electric scooters that have a more potent and multilayer battery. On a single charge, this balance board goes for six hours of use without any battery warning. When it comes to charging time, this best hoverboard acquires less than an hour to charge the battery completely. This alone creates the POWERBOARD BY HOVERBOARD a lot further suitable to travel around with compared to other scooters in the market.


This balance board is incredibly easy and straightforward to use and have fun to ride. And POWERED BY HOVERBOARD is the best hoverboard which is extremely different from other scooters and feels sturdier than other self-balancing scooters. At the point, we have much better and a great experience in riding hoverboards and after using this best self-balancing electric scooter we’ll be got our balance extremely rapidly.

  • This self-balancing electric scooter has a great and powerful battery life. Without any warning, you use this hoverboard up to 6 hours and when if you want to recharge your board, so it takes less than a minute to recharge fully.
  • Decelerating and responsive turning
  • The 8 Mph is quick enough to be exciting, but not somewhat desperate speed demon fast
  • The balance board could easily crack if one exceed the maximum limit of weight (regarding 220 lbs) so above average weight of peoples cannot be used this balance board


The best hoverboard is guaranteed safe, and you can ride POWERED BY HOVERBOARD every day at a full battery power without its system bursting into fire. This best self-balancing electric scooter is admirable, considering the protect concern individuals have had with several similar brands. It is UL CERTIFIED two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter and has a delightful black body which is covered by a heavy duty plastic polymer. The suitable foot mounted wheels it comes with maneuvering and eases acceleration, while it’s impressive top 20 Mph speed appeals to enthusiasts of speed. All good purchases quality with customer support and a one year of warranty.

EPIKGO SELF BALANCING ELECTRIC SCOOTER is a fully functional hoverboard, and sport creates a hoverboard with all the additional challenging and fun by presenting the riders the selection to go off the road and cover up the distances and places that other balance board can’t due to hard surface situations.

The SELF BALANCING HOVERBOARD comes with major functions, and the prime role of this balance board is to offers the consumers with an electric self-travelling machine which can be easily in use to any purpose.

Consumers always appear for safety, power, fun and best hoverboard price while riding and buying scooters. The all-terrain electric self-balancing hoverboard provides the rider a smooth and comfortable ride without any speed cooperation. In a single charge of battery this board can allow you an extended trip ride and with this best hoverboard battery life you can easily travel up to 10 Mph of high speed and its dual motors of 400W can achieve slopes up to the 18 degrees of steepness.

The streamlined racing tires & the great motherboard contribute to it maintaining and reach the fast speed, and since this best hoverboard is water resistant, even you can ride in the rain. Water lands are not to be anxious about too, thus smooth ride and ensuring fast.


EPIKGO SELF BALANCING BOARD is far from standard, and it is the advanced generation of the self-balancing electric board technology. Currently, the industry of the balance board takes the world by tempest as it proved a fresh, modern form of transport. Unfortunately, this advanced technology wave came with a few numbers of issues of its own. EPIKGO self-balancing scooter recognized the safety concerns and the problems in the industry and accurate them to launch the transportation of tomorrow for the today generation.

The EPIKGO self-balancing electric hoverboard has got the highest standard safety regards after becoming UL 2272 certified successfully; make sure users that electrical hazards and fire are not any issues. As well being safer, self-balancing hover-stands out because its sturdy build helps it tackle almost any difficulty in its way. Travel through dirt, grass, mud, and sand with this smart device make to go anywhere you wish for.

The way the alloy wheels work in EPIKGO is different and is interesting. Instead of self-balancing electric motors located inside the alloy wheels, brushless powerful motors are located inside the body of the balance board. This results in letting for further powerful electric motors. At a speed of 10 mph, the charge of the battery can last over one hour thus, creating it one of the best, fastest and most powerful balance boards in the industry.

This results in allowing for new electric, powerful motors. The alloys wheels are made of sturdy rubber, water resistance and has been rated IP 56 for its hardness and solidness. The mixture of rubber tires with alloy wheels makes it possible to ride comfortably through mud, grass and other rough places.

The dual 400W motors are powerful motors used by EPIKGO self-balancing hoverboard, and this is also the main reason behind the aptitude to ride at a steep incline or more than rough places without losing the board balance. Without any difficulty, one can climb slope that is as steep as 18 degrees. The powerful motor of this best hoverboard is 80 percent more potential than other boards in the industry.

  • Smooth traveling on road surfaces and all terrains.
  • Very tough and extremely sturdy.
  • Great balance because of powerful motors and of significant size.
  • Water resistant comes with IP 56 certifications.
  • Reaches the highest speed of 10 MPH.
  • LED lights both at the back and front.
  • Best hoverboard price for its amazing features.
  • Comes with one year of warranty.
  • Tough to easily transport because of significant size.
  • Not comfortable for kids because of its heavy weight.
  • Doesn’t appear with Bluetooth speakers.



Self-balancing scooters are the advanced in town, and people who are looking for adventure have an eye for a good product. For lovers of gadgets, EPIKGO self-balancing electric scooter is one of the best, safest and stable hoverboard available in the industry. If you are looking for a scooter that would offer you an adventure they seek for in any climatic condition, along with sophistication and safety features, then EPIKGO self-balancing electric scooter is the best choice for you. It is an exact product for investing money!

The SWAGTRON T3 is an incredible and responsive hoverboard in the class of self-balancing transporters. T3 is a bigger and bladder sibling of T1, and it’s quickly turning into a most pretty among self-balancing electric hoverboard lovers. It goes with many of rare components that will without a doubt be copied by their competitors for somewhat a long period to come.

SWAGTRON T3 is likely the most secure, most progressive and best hoverboard price scooter which is lighter than standard Segways in today’s world. Send by SWALGWAY, now which has been changing the named by SWAGTRON, this best hoverboard is everyone’s blessing from paradise.

The self-balancing scooter that has been overwhelming the society now is away and far better. And today SWAGTRON T3 is the best well-known self-balancing hoverboard. The second after T1 UL 2272 certified stated balance board in the world, so with safety regards, it is the best right at this time. SWAGTRON T3 the self-balancing scooter will be amusing that will ride for both kids and adults.

We can say that T3 self-balancing scooter is among the most protect if not the mainly safe hoverboard available and it is the image of amusing, present day sketch, implementation, and usefulness.


The SWAGTRON T3 has been built-in with a powerful smart battery management system usually referred to as smart BMS. This is capable to carefully monitor voltage so that you are kept within the proper voltage and observe overcharging of the ion lithium battery. It keeps the battery from more than current and small circuiting which intensely increases the protection of the hoverboard. Still, on the safety of the powerful battery, this self-balancing electric scooter has been built-in with cutting rim technology referred to as guard protect.


As mentioned already that there is an SWAGTRON APP for iOS and Android Smartphone’s users and the app that activates the third mode of riding for professional self-balancing scooter riders. The app is unique to the SWAGTRON T3 as few other balance boards in the industry as well as SWAGTRON T1 addition. Apart from this feature, the SWAGTRON app has much more cool additions which allow you to ensure route history, status, battery, set routes and much more.

SWAGTRON T3 is a best self-balancing scooter that comes with LED color coded lights which are incredibly stylish and even customizable. Their aim is to emphasize, highlight, indicate or illuminate movement.

  • The self-balancing scooter has a sturdy shell which creates the hoverboard hard to scratch and sustainable even with extended use.
  • Users of this balance board can also ride in the learning mode or in the standard mode that teaches the newbie’s that how they can ride.
  • The iOS & Android Smartphone app on this electric self-balancing scooter allows the user to track route history and check the status of the battery through their mobile devices.
  • The best hoverboard comes with best hoverboard price which allows you to enables the speakers to listen to the music as you can ride.
  • Smart battery and high management system monitors and protects from malfunctions such as more than current, excess of voltage, over changing and short circuit, thus make sure the user safety.
  • LED headlights, Rubber bumpers, indicator of Battery, and an incombustible body light weight create this product enjoyable, stylish and easy to use.
  • This electric self-balancing scooter is costly as compared to other hoverboards in the industry but it provides an excellent value for money considering the protection safety measures and added purpose. Although the producers of this electric self-balancing scooter have a place on a disclaimer, beginners can access the learning mode quickly or Pro riding mode, and this exposes them to injuries and accidents.



The SWAGTRON T3 is the silliest available transporter. The bold LED lights and especially the wholly ridiculous speaker for Bluetooth make it enjoyable and provide you a lot of fun at your parties with friends. The SWAGTRON T3 self-balancing electric scooter is our best hoverboard price favorite scooter, If you want to have fun, then this SWAGTRON T3 is just for you!

It was a time matter before RAZOR HOVERTRAX stepped in and launched their own best self-balancing smart electric scooter. The HOVERTRAX 2.0 hoverboard is a successful model which comes with many advanced functions and was released, rendering the earlier one (1.0) obsolete. Still, in production, there was no proper cause for having an inferior model. The new RAZOR HOVERTRAX 2.0 hoverboard model comes with some better improvements and an excellent attractive design rather than earlier ones.

RAZOR is an American based company situated on out of the southern California that provides this best self-balancing smart electric scooter. The first model of RAZOR didn’t come out the way that they actually expect, and now this HOVERTRAX 2.0 hoverboard is just perfect and even comes with a good ride with several more features and also a great average distance and speed which are just ideal for you.

The HOVERTRAX 2.0 self-balancing smart scooter has two-foot pads that the users easily stand on. By leaning forward, the hoverboard will automatically be moving forward. Leaning back makes the hoverboard go in backward. This self – balancing smart scooter recommends a quick and smooth ride; and you feel that you are balanced on top of the ground. With RAZORS 2.0 standing for making high-quality products joined with original patented technology, the HOVERTRAX 2.0 elevates the bar for all self-balancing hoverboards out there.


For beginners, Razor 2.0 is a famous, well known, and most trusted hoverboard which distributes all over the world industries which means that the hoverboard stands by their quality. UL tested this hoverboard and gotten a great result with UL certification for being one of the secure and safer hoverboards, and there’s not anything to dispute about there. It’s reliable and if you want to see the way UL tests then this self-balancing scooter you’d know that if it goes by its robust and excellence made.


It does just that, and it will maintain itself balanced even when if you are not mounted upon it. Anything that creates it much and more easy to transition off and on the scooter and reduce the danger of damaging the well-designed part of the artwork for a hoverboard that you’ve presently buy. Also, it also reduces the risk of you falling off as well.


Whether you are cruising to a friend’s place or riding around your neighborhood. RAZOR HOVERTRAX 2.0 provides the maneuverability and excellent performance you require to make every final trip a blast.


RAZOR HOVERTRAX 2.0 is the first brand of US which receives the UL 2272 certification for safety and protection, ensuring HOVERTRAX 2.0 self-balancing smart scooter meets or increases the peak fire and electrical principles.


The exclusive superior technology of hoverboard gives an intelligently engineered, condition of the art, the self-balancing hoverboard experience for a smoother ride and an easier mount, every time.

RAZOR HOVERTRAX 2.0 smart self-balancing scooter offer the best hoverboard price scooter which provides you the safety, quality style and service that you’ve come to be expecting from the world’s original manufacturer of electrical recreational hoverboard products.

  • RAZOR is UL certified scooter with patented design & mechanics
  • Safety, RAZOR 2.0 as an international hoverboard with its qualities make sure high quality & service provided.
  • Quiet, HOVERTROX 2.0 operates in silence
  • Scratch resistant, this best hoverboard is used with most top quality plastics with a water resistant polymer to make that won’t obtain chunks out of your scooter when turning around
  • An excellent battery life which provides you the ability to ride forever.
  • Consistently Balance technology, which creates it even easier to obtain off and on since the scooter will balance itself out still if there is no weight on the gyros.
  • Design, the advanced design of the HOVERTRAX 2.0 is much better than others.
  • The safest alternative for anxious parents.
  • The design is a bit edge for my experience.


The Smartest Hoverboard 2017

RAZOR HOVERTRAX 2.0 self-balancing scooter comes with advanced design and many features. Step on the deck, the ultimate ride and go with HOVERTRAX 2.0, the smartest world electric self-balancing scooter. With ever balance technology & intelligently engineered, RAZOR 2.0 is the only balance board that auto levels for an easier, smoother and safer ride. Whether you are racing, commuting or coasting the smart self-balancing electric scooter is always in balance. Outdoors or indoors, HOVERTRAX 2.0 does the work so you can enjoy your trip.

The new SWAGTRON T5 is one of the most popular self-balancing scooter or hoverboard on the industry, and their advanced features are sure to draw some concentration. The SWAGTRON T5 self-balancing electric scooter is slightly cheap hoverboard than T5 and T1 models. If you are looking for an affordable hoverboard with low and best hoverboard price, then SWAGTRON T5 is a grand place to start. This self-balancing electric scooter has passed our standard of safety, so you have to feel free to purchase it.

While this self-balancing scooter is cheap hoverboard, there’s a concession to be prepared, and the SWAGTRON T5 is lighter on the functions. That said, it still comes equipped with everything you require to have a blast on your scooter without emptying your amount of money. If you feel that SWAGTRON T5 self-balancing electric scooter is the right choice, so you are doing well to buy this best hoverboard price scooter.

The SWAGTRON T5 is lighter than other hoverboard models in the market, this best hoverboard weighing in at 18 of pounds. This creates it a perfect self-balancing electric scooter for adults and kids. At the lighter weight, it still boasts a hard highest carrying capability of 220 pounds.


SWAGTRON T5 has been designed with the greatest safety to the user. In spite of being of an insignificant size, this electric self-balancing scooter handled to give excellent protection both in its quality cover material and the internal multi-layered safety battery. Prepare of polycarbonate which is flames resistant, the balance board guarantees that any risk from fire is well restricted inside the shell without injuring the user. And although it considers just 23.4 pounds, it is strong.


As in the SWAGTRON T5 model, this version comes with an intelligent battery management system (BMS). This advanced technology is capable of monitoring the voltage closely, so the powerful battery is always at the proper voltage. The system recognizes any overcharging of the smart battery. Short circuiting or overcharging of the battery is keep away by this monitoring guaranteeing a secure cruise all the occasion. The sentry shield innovation more improves the battery protection.


The redesigned elect engine of a dual-autonomous kind and precise gear modification make maneuvering the hoverboard a mere profession. Steady management of equipment, the solid body, and the 200-watt electric motor provide the enhanced control and an excellent downhill traction. The self-balancing comes with smart speakers with a feature of Bluetooth that allows you to listen to your much-loved tunes as you cruise.


The SWATRON T5 self-balancing electric scooter – best hoverboard price product comes with 2272 UL certified, which insinuates that the scooter has exceeded the estimated protection level in its electrical components. A lot of advanced and favorable functions is available in this design of hoverboards, as well as learning mode, battery indicators, and include rubber bumpers. The BMS (Battery Management System) helps more in preventing the battery from failing and overheating.

  • It doesn’t get a rocket scientist to see what significant advantage the T5 hoverboard model brings to the table. It’s truly a quite cheap hoverboard as compared to almost all the other options out there and even gives you a satisfactory decent performance that you can easily use on a daily basis for an unlimited period.
  • The hoverboard has a lower weight that makes it easier to carry, and while 4 pounds may not sound like much to an adult, if you are purchasing this self-balancing scooter for your kid then they absolutely will notice the difference
  • The learning mode of riding is also useful for beginners and for those who are building their initial foray into the earth of hoverboards.
  • It’s quite complicated to find the best hoverboard price scooter, but this self-balancing electric scooter comes with low hoverboard price.
  • Your exact situation will determine whether the inferior maximum load will be a problem, the top the weight apparently it can carry the better. This will only take up to 187 LBS, which is lesser than the standard maximum weight of 220 LBS that a lot of scooters can carry.
  • Finally, as it might not be a huge deal, there are a lot of people out there who reported some unresponsive experiences with services of companies, which is typical for lighter retailers that have not started very long ago.



SWAGTRON T5 is a name that becoming more recognizable by the others, the self-balancing best hoverboard price electric scooter that is founded just over a year ago, as they stay putting out one advance hoverboard model in the industry. This best hoverboard is a standard hoverboard model that is available with safety features and best recommend hoverboard with Affordable price.

The OFFICIAL HALLO ROVER is a responsive and best self-balancing scooter that can get accelerated to ten miles for every hour and can travel on a single charge up to ten miles. This HALO ROVER HOVERBOARD has 8.5 inches’ wheels that can go more than the territory that stops other balance boards. The safety of this hoverboard can climb slopes still with 20 degrees of grades. There are many other features available in this hoverboard that you definitely love.

The Halo Rover best hoverboard price scooter also gathers IPX4 water protected consistency. Self-balancing hoverboards that gather these recent rating necessities don’t obtain injured by water raining or sprinkles of water.

The hoverboard comes with a cool design, and you must love this best hoverboard because it is more secure and safe to use and the ensure hardware will surely help you remain on the balance board. Particularly, many children’s just appreciate this product because the certified LG battery allows children’s to continue their riding more than 10 hours. This self-balancing electric scooter is effectively the most secure balance board to claim.


The HALO ROVER HOVERBOARD is a self-balancing electric scooter that runs to break away from the traditional hoverboard designs that we all got to know. This best hoverboard comes with a unique advanced design and upgraded hardware that improves the safety, and the best individual security sensors help you when you are riding.


The model packs an LG FIRESAFE BATTERY and a HALO ROVER MOBILE APP. The mobile app if for both Android & iOS users and they can use this app to play music to the fitted Bluetooth music speakers directly. Also, it can track the balance board and can be used to set the hoverboard ride mode.


Unlike, other standard balance boards, the HALO ROVER HOVERBOARDS has special tires that improve the safety, stability, and grip on various types of different places. The two multi-layer wheels are a bit smaller and smarter than others because these special tires are made out of metal. The front side of this hoverboard has been prepared with a LED guidance light that helps you in riding dark surfaces. The top side of hoverboard has the same pressure pads that can be used to help the board rider to control the balance board.


The best HOLO ROVER HOVERBOARD makes use of the same system of DUAL-MOTOR that helps you to control each wheel separately. The model HOLO ROVER is certification of UL 2272 which apparently means that this best hoverboard is safe and as well as include a one year of warranty.

  • This best hoverboard comes with a certification of UL 2272 hologram
  • The freely worry guarantee from the owner of HALO ROVER HOVERBOARD and the parents of your riders at ease when it comes to safety troubles such as balance board overheating or catching flames.
  • The powerful LG Batteries are certified fire safety.
  • The hoverboards provide different security tires that are durable, non-flat wheels that can take you from roads, snow and even gravel to grass. For a smoother ride, these two wheels of hoverboard are higher than the average tires.
  • The upper resistance with the IPX4 board water resistant which can provide transport year around.
  • The HALO ROVER HOVERBOARD comes with a high price rather than some other self-balancing scooters. That being said, that has many features and a lot of functions that other hoverboards don’t have, even you can easily go off-roading but will excuse because the higher price of this hoverboard is hard to buy for some users.
  • The weight of hoverboard is 32 LBS which is more than the other two wheel standard electric balance boards.


The HALO ROVER HOVERBOARD is a robust self-balancing scooter that can achieve speeds up to ten miles per hour, and on a single charge of battery, it can easily travel up to ten miles. This safe self-balancing electric hoverboard comes with the best hoverboard price and special tires that can even climb hills with up to 20 degrees of grades. The HALO ROVER HOVERBOARD also meets IPX4 water resistant and meets high rating requirements that do not get damaged by splashes of water or rain. This best hoverboard comes with LED headlights that help the rider in darkness.


If you are looking for an all in one hoverboard, so SKQUE is a smart two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter or hoverboard would be your best selection. This hoverboard is the best hoverboard price scooter which is equipped with dual electric motors (one on both pads) therefore the users are allowing for easier control when accelerating, rotating and turning.

The SKQUE UL 2272 SMART TWO WHEEL ELECTRIC SELF BALANCING SCOOTER can hold a 260 LBS maximum; therefore this best hoverboard is the best choice for those who are on a heavier surface. The best hoverboard comes with amazing Bluetooth speakers with on and off remote control buttons and the great design of hoverboard just make it perfect. Different patterns and ten different colors available in hoverboard to easily match with anyone’s style.

It’s smart two wheels also make it easy and safety to ride even on rough surfaces. This function of hoverboard is superior, and a significant advantage for those who are out of the city or for those who habitually go on different hiking trips and would like a self-balancing scooter so they must take them to the great outdoors.


This self-balancing electric scooter has a maximum 6.2 MPH speed, and a single charge of the battery can provide you the distance of 15 miles. However, the best hoverboard takes just 2 hours to recharge the battery life fully. The self-balancing electric smart scooter comes with a lithium 4.4 AH powerful battery. The powerful battery provides you a maximum 1000 W power which is fairly too high.


SKQUE SMART TWO WHEEL SELF BALANCING SCOOTER has two variations, the major and first one is LED headlights that you can use at nighttime, and the other one is Bluetooth speakers for streaming your favorite music when you are riding a hoverboard. These both LED, and Bluetooth speaker’s variations are available in different black, blue and red colors.


The SKQUE self-balancing electric smart best hoverboard price scooter is capable of getting top 12 MPH speed. And the hoverboard makes your riding incredibly easy through high speed. There are onboard computers for you position reading, self-balancing each wheel for greatest stability. Only just turn the button on through remote control, place one foot onto the hoverboard and wait for the green color light. The hoverboard has a voice alert that beeps the moment when you hit the top speed on your scooter.

  • Excellent & powerful battery life. Which gains maximum two hours in charging and after charging will allows you 20 to 25 kilometers (11 to 15 miles) of riding.
  • Very simple to obtain the traveling hang. Even in comparison other hoverboards.
  • You can listen to your favorite music without having to carry any other set of speakers. The fitted Bluetooth speakers offer you to take care of your listening needs.
  • Remote control allows users to unlock or lock quickly.
  • Bright LED headlights create it safe to ride in dark.
  • The hoverboard available in many different colors, such as red, white, blue, black, chrome gold, chrome green, chrome gold, chrome silver, and chrome rose gold.
  • Waterproof – even though try not to obtain it too wet, as there are a bit tiny cracks which might let water in.
  • The hoverboard only comes with a charger of UK. Although you can request one with an EU charger. For those of you who are outside of the EU or UK, so it’s hard for them.
  • The price of this self-balancing smart electric scooter is a lot rather than other standard hoverboards.


The SKQUE is the best hoverboard price self-balancing smart electric scooter with LED headlights and Bluetooth speakers. This best hoverboard comes with fitted Bluetooth speakers that can play your favorite music on the go which makes it stand out in a throng. We have seen a lot of standard balance boards, but this hoverboard looks as good. The SKQUE best self-balancing scooter is safe, easy to use even for a beginner and sustainable balance board. The most expensive version of the SKQUE is still cheaper quite than a lot of its competitors on sale.

HOVER GO KART FOR HOVERBOARDS is a new design self-balancing electric scooter that has a dual frame of the seat, universal tires and handlebar helps you to convert a standard balance board into an ingenious hands-free mini Smart electric vehicle.

HOVER SEAT as sitting attachment for balance board can use on different sizes (6.5/8/10 inches) of the self-balance electric scooter, easily adjustable the attached length of belt for any age to steer and operate. When if you want to do more together with your self-balance scooter, like converting it into an electric Hover go kart for cheap hoverboard? So HOVER GO KART is the best hoverboard price scooter that comes with all new features which are conceivable. This best hoverboard takes your self-balance scooter to a whole new level. It allows you to use your balance board at the same time as sitting down on it.

The self-balance scooter into goes Kart fashion accessory uses an incredibly simple yet creative thought. Why not use the available technology of hoverboard, especially the sensitive pressure foot pads to build a quick and little attachment to a seat, which will twist it into a steering handle and operate go kart hoverboard.

You require grasping two pull rods, through them to manage the hoverboard speed.

If you want to retreat or slow down, you need to put the pull rod at the back.

If you want to accelerate or move forward, you have to put the pull rod down.

Process is the same with individual standing on the hoverboard.


This great self-balancing scooter or hoverboard attachment joins a frame to the balance board with a seat on it and a small third wheel in front of the hoverboard. The point where the accessory is impoverished onto the scooter has the steering handlebars, which when moved down or up do the similar job as the feet do when you push backward or forward on the self-balancing foot pads.


This is the simple and brilliant hoverboard for those who want to enjoy hoverboard-riding with a seat to standing up and sitting down. As a free flowing two tires of self-balancing hoverboard and as a three wheel go kart steering handled controlled are just simply awesome.


Due to its not so heavy weight, one can easily control this hoverboard and quickly move it from place to another. It can be lifted or also carried if complicated way comes in the center such as stairways. This is because one of its healthy weight which is somewhere among 25 to 20 of pounds. The size of this best hoverboard is also small sufficient to obtain into a locker. If you want to move HOVER GO KART from one place to another so you don’t require any cost or any extra transportation charges because it has a light weight even a single person can quickly take them in their hand.

  • This balance board requires a little practice for easily use this self-balancing electric scooter. With a little practice of efforts, you are on your path. As you want more comfortable on your HOVER balance board, it becomes simpler to maneuver.
  • This self-balancing electric smart board is much more compact than their steers handle. This best hoverboard price scooter comes with an average weight of 20 to 25 pounds, and the three wheels offers you a safety ride and an easy transportation
  • The price of this HOVER GO KART is high because of a lot of features.
  • This self-balancing GO KART may look very cool to glide around neighborhood or any mall but learning to ride this balance board is not as easy as it looks.
  • If you do not ride carefully, severe injury can happen while riding your hoverboard.


A cool & unusual combination will be the HOVER GO KART and hoverboard to go cart fashion accessory. Imagine balance board standing up on two tires when you want, and now the GO KART on three wheels sitting down and up whenever you feel like a change. The HOVER GO KART is easy to use in riding and is a very impressive comeback with UL 2272 certified balance boards.

The sporty self-balancing scooter EPIKGO or hoverboard, this EPIKGO balance board is one leading name in the whole market, delivering and manufacturing the sturdy and roughest of the hoverboards available in the industry.

EPIKGO SELF BALANCING HOVERBOARD is based in the Silicon Valley of US of America, completes its promise of fully secure travel with its known for durability range of product, built-in for traveling in all surfaces of road terrains and conditions.

The advanced balance board “EPIKGO SPORTS SELF BALANCING SCOOTER,” with its all new advanced features has defeated all the hoverboards created by the company in the preceding and the company amazingly building its name between the lovers of this excellent balance board machine.

1) UL 2271 & UL 2272 CERTIFIED:

The EPIKGO SPORTS hoverboard certified by UL 2272 which is one of the most important factors in which you consider that this best hoverboard has passed all safety tests and after testing this best hoverboard price scooters comes in industry.


This self-balancing electric smart scooter consists of a reliable certified powerful battery of reputed LG manufacture brand. Also, go with by UL 2272, there is no fire risk in this hoverboard. It acquires about 2 to 3 hours to get entirely charged the battery and can continuously travel from further than an hour at its highest speed of 10 MPH on a single fully charge the battery.


EPIKGO SPORTs SELF BALANCING SCOOTER is manufactured for all types of roads, be it grass or mud and much more you want to ride. It would merely have been a disagreement in its functioning if this hoverboard was not water resistant and might not go to damp places.

Knowing this, SPORTS EPIKGO doesn’t let down and shows with CERTIFICATION of IP56 WATERPROOF, therefore making this balance board go trickling in the water lands too.


The majority of balance boards don’t appear with all functions, maybe to cut manufacture rate or just to think of this feature not vast sufficient to attract the consumers. But, the SPORTS EPIKGO self-balancing scooter comes with no cooperation and provides their users to ride with this cool LED headlight feature, also giving the LED lights comfort while riding at night time on dark roads.


SPORTS EPIKGO SELF BALANCING SMART ELECTRIC SCOOTER comes with the loyalty of brand and consumers trust because of two chief reasons. First, this balance board comes with a warranty of one year that covers the parts of the hoverboard. And second, it is based in Silicon Valley of US in America, and the majority countries of people automatically trust US based industries and their products rather than the products of other companies.

  • The riding of this best hoverboard price scooter is incredibly smooth on all rough and sturdy road surfaces.
  • Sports EPIKGO comes with a great balance because of powerful motors and big size.
  • This self-balancing scooter arrive at great speed of 10 MPH.
  • This water resistant hoverboard comes with certification of IP 56.
  • LED headlights available both at the back and front.
  • Comes with suitable price for its amazing functions and with one year of warranty.
  • The riding of this hoverboard is not comfortable for children, and the transportation is also terrible because of its big and heavy size.
  • Minimum limit of weight 44 LBS could be an annoy.
  • The charging time of this hoverboard is 2 to 3 hours as compared to other boards.
  • This hoverboard doesn’t appear with Bluetooth speakers.


EPIKGO SPORTS SELF BALANCING ELECTRIC SCOOTER OR HOVERBOARDS are the most well-known, coolest and great looking hoverboard in the industry. And popular among other standard balance boards with their advance design, more durable aluminum framework and all terrain 8.5 inch two wheels. This best hoverboard price scooter will go everywhere you want while other models of standard hoverboards can’t go anywhere. This best balance board will provide you cutting gyro edge technology for the stability, speed, and maximum fun. EPIKGO offers their users a more aggressive look, and a two wheel 8.5 inches tires offer a classic riding.


And now V8 offers the real treat for the entire electric self-balancing or hoverboard fans and their users who loved to ride the balance boards. The JETSON V8 is a self-balancing electric scooter with advanced and better reliable design for the excess of all terrains with an ultimate ride.

For beginners, right now this hoverboard is one of the best choices in the whole industry because the advanced features of this hoverboard allow the users to ride safely and comfortably. JETSON V8 the self-balancing scooter has the entire frame which is made out of steel and aluminum that is the standard material used in almost all over the best hoverboards.

The two 8.5 inches all terrain flat two wheels are available in this best hoverboard to make your ride feel more smooth and powerful, and with that tires, you are free to ride over grass, mud, gravel and other surfaces in where you want to travel. This way the riders of hoverboard will be able to experience the fun of scooter riding like never before.

JETSON V8 is the next self-balancing scooter in our list, and for those who are interesting in purchasing this best hoverboard price scooter should know that this particular balance board is limited to target merely. Because this best hoverboard is a classic, advanced design and much enhanced than other usual hoverboards.


The JETSON V8 SELF BALANCING SCOOTER offers robust, smooth tires for smoothly riding on every surface, and the futuristic design of hoverboard provides you advanced features. The two wheels of this self-balancing scooter allow you a comfortable and secure ride even the beginners can easily ride this hoverboard because the ride of this best scooter is incredibly smooth.


The JETSON V8 SELF BALANCING SCOOTER comes with a front and back LED lights to enable the hoverboard rider to use it more safety even in the darkness. Two 400W motors drive the V8 hoverboard model, and the one motor is on each side of the hoverboard.


The model V8 is equipped with three modes of driving (standard mode, learning mode and pro mode), so the rider of hoverboard could be ride smooth and more comfortably before mastering it. The three ways of driving are such a great deal for everyone, the standard mode offering an average ride, the learning mode is for beginners to ride quickly and safely, and the Pro mode is for professionals to ride hoverboard with experience.


Of course, the free app comes with JETSON V8 model. The free app for self-balancing scooter offers you all the power, and fun through managed by your Android and iOS devices. Through this app, you can also control the Bluetooth speakers that are available in the hoverboard. The Bluetooth speaker in case that you wish to listen to your favorite songs while driving the balance board.

  • Many users of this hoverboard praised this scooter because of its long lasting. In any season, you can use this hoverboard without any trouble.
  • The best price hoverboard scooter can easily be managed, and maximum require 4 to 5 minutes to be mastered in riding. Even you can use the learning mode of the hoverboard if you are a beginner.
  • The two robust wheels offer you a smooth and comfortable ride. And the large size of wheels offer you to travel a considerable distance.
  • The JETSON V8 comes with Bluetooth speakers which allow the riders to enjoy their favorite music while riding hoverboard.
  • This self-balancing scooter pretty works for adults to use it very quickly.
  • The charger of hoverboard comes in a few amount of criticism from some customers, who have disapproved it for its cheap looks.
  • The manual instructions of hoverboard have also been criticized due to the directions which have been written in bad language



The JETSON V8 SELF BALANCING ELECTRIC SCOOTER is carried exclusively by best hoverboard price. The balance board is a highly quality board which is certified by UL 2272, that is the most important factor that we consider when reviewing the best hoverboards. JETSON V8 is one of the most advanced self-balancing scooters to hit the balance boards industry. If you wish to make fun in riding and enjoy a personal ride with music on hoverboard so this scooter is just for you.


In look for the smart two-wheel electric self-balancing scooter or well-liked balance boards available in the industry, we offer you HOVERZON XLS self-balancing scooter that comes with a lot of features. The XLS variety of HOVERZON self-balancing scooter is the most popular quality products that available with affordable best hoverboard prices.

HOVERZON XLS the hoverboard is fitted with high quality of material to create the quality of this self-balancing scooter higher and make high-performance riding. The hoverboard is made of fireproof and dual battery layer protection to feel safety and more comfortable in riding.

The HOWERZON XLS SELF BALANCING HOVERBOARD is an attractive blue themed balance board with a propelled self-balancing innovation that increases its implementation and the safety of the users by and large.

The advanced HOVERZON XLS HOVERBOARD model is using certification of UL 2272 batteries with the new PROTECTION HOVERZON ARMOR BATTERY, sensor pedals, and fireproof exterior casing. HOVERZON XLS the self-balancing electric scooter is equipped with the gear stabilization, dual independent motor and the smart management of battery system with five levels. The LED indicator is available in the hoverboard to check the standard of the battery which means that rider always knows that how much battery is left. HOVERZON XLS SELF BALANCING SCOOTER COMES IN WHITE, GOLD, BLUE, BLACK, RED AND PICK COLORS.


Built in gear stabilization and gyroscope for control the balance of hoverboard.

Enjoy a fun, straightforward and intuitive way to get around.

To twist, just gently shift your weight to your right or left foot.

Speeds from two to eight miles per hour.

Lean forward, and you will accelerate, lean back straight to stop.

Climbs to a 30 grade of angle.


HOVERZON XLS has an active, dual autonomous engine that provides sufficient power to go an extensive range of spots. The self-balancing scooter comes with a power rope that can be fully charged the battery and prepared to go in 2 to 3 hours. It measures two pounds and accompanies three different modes.

The dual autonomous engine provide you a heavy weight, for example, if you are a builder, and you have a heavyweight then this hoverboard is just perfect for you because the dual autonomous engine can carry 220 pounds of weights, but the own weight of balance board is about 28 pounds that create it one of the heavyweight balance board in the whole market.


The self-balancing scooter comes with a certification of UL 2272 batteries, and the certified battery provides you excellent battery timing. Its LED certified high battery intensity pointer is a keen approach to estimate that how much battery life is left is your balance board running on.

  • HOVERZON XLS the self-balancing scooter comes with the certification of UL 2272, this apparently means that the hoverboard has passed all the safety and protection tests.
  • This advanced XLS hoverboard features a 250 W dual motor.
  • The extra functions available on the HOVERZON XLF self-balancing scooter which is a plus point.
  • Fundamentally you are receiving additional power, Bluetooth speakers, a smart management system of battery and a level five LED battery gauge, and a larger non-slip foot pad and a movement meter for only a little high price.
  • The model HOVERZON XLS SELF BALANCING SCOOTER comes in a market with a trustworthy company that provides a one year of hoverboard warranty
  • HOVERZON XLS built-in the grave safety problems present in creation models, it also added a few cool advanced functions. These best hoverboards are more sturdy and safer than earlier standard balance boards, but they are not incredibly innovative.
  • The self-balancing hoverboard XLS model has innovated in a lot of ways, and it still has not pressed the envelope fairly as far as other common balance boards.


This self-balancing scooter or hoverboard has been designed with different unique colors, and that is why you will be in a substantially enhanced place to create order from any color that you love, or you want. It has been built-in with the technology of Aegis armor which is used is running the thing. It doesn’t fix any issue that which forms of riders you are, whether you are a beginner, an expert, a professional or even a learner, there is always available a standard Hoverboard mode for you.


RAZOR HOVERTRAX 1.0 is a smart self-balancing electric balance board that recently launched by the well-known company of America which is based in South of California. This company produces a broad variety of best hoverboard price scooters in the action sports space.

To capture the segment, RAZOR the successful company started developing best self-balancing electronic smart boards. And the RAZOR HOVERTRAX X 1.0 is the newest smart addition in this section.

This best hoverboard price scooter comes with two-foot pads that the rider stands on. By leaning back the hoverboard automatically go in reverse and by leaning forward, the hoverboard will go forward by its sensors. This best hoverboard provides users to ride comfortably and smoothly, and you imagine you are riding over the floor. With RAZOR HOVERTRAX X 1.0 is manufactured with a high-quality product that joined with unique technology and comes with all advanced self-balancing features.

RAZOR HOVERTRAX 1.0 HOVERBOARD ELECTRIC HOVER SMART BOARD is easy to use, organized with advanced technology and is incredibly well-built. The experience riders of this hoverboard will find that it takes less than an hour to learn that how to ride this balance board same like a pro safely.


The best hoverboard covers with smart balancing gyro-sensor technology that allows user for a stable, secure, accurate and comfortable and easy to ride. The body of HOVERTRAX 1.0 is prepared up of shatter-resistant polymers and is covered with scratch-proof paint. With less than an hour, you will be able to turn 360 of degrees. This self-balancing smart electric scooter is coated for all developed defects with a warranty of three months.

The speed is one of the major significant stats of every balance board, and every other user must want to buy a high-speed hoverboard. This self-balancing smart hoverboard comes with a high speed that is 6 miles for each hour. The maximum speed of hoverboard is 25 percent faster than other average hoverboards speed.


After top speed of hoverboard, the primary next important stat for any smart self-balancing hoverboard has to be the powerful smart battery life, that how extended the powerful battery lasts depend on upon some aspects: actual usage, weight, temperature. The capacity of this best HOVERTRAX 1.0 hoverboard is estimated to be 60 minutes. That merely means that you can charge the battery within 60 minutes and ride the hoverboard with maximum 6 hours.


The hoverboard offers two new operation modes that allow the HOVERTRAX 1.0 performance to be familiar for balance board riders of every expertise level even for a beginner or for the learner. If you are a student and you don’t know about a riding of hoverboard than you have to use the training mode of the hoverboard. For those hoverboard riders who have additional experience than they can unlock further performance from the hoverboard 1.0 by using the standard mode.


An enhanced self-balancing hoverboard sensor is used in the HOVERTRAX 1.0; it makes use of advanced gyroscopic technology to make certain that the rider always keeps their board balance.

  • RAZOR is a USA famous and well-known company that manufacture this HOVERTRAX 1.0 product; the hoverboard is excellent product that should only obtain superior.
  • The sturdy replaceable battery of hoverboard provides you an extra battery that you can continue your hoverboard-riding
  • HOVERTRAX 1.0 comes with two operation modes that allow both unskilled & skilled riders to have a great time with the balance board
  • The price of self-balancing scooter is joined with best hoverboard price scooters as compared to other usual brands
  • Battery life of this hoverboard is estimated to be about 60 minutes, which is not a good battery life.
  • This best hoverboard price self-balancing scooter comes with 90 days of warranty which is less rather than other hoverboards.


The RAZOR HOVERTRAX 1.0 electric smart hoverboard has a lot of good things going for it. The best hoverboard price scooter is made up of the high quality of material to maintain the aesthetics of the balance board. The best hoverboard is super light and easy to use, and it’s extremely stable. The hoverboard is available in two different colors: BLUE or RED and the 6 MPH top speed of hoverboard provides you a perfect transportation.


ROAM electric scooter or hoverboard are the particular transportation balance board that is rechargeable powered battery hoverboard which has two tires and works on advanced gyro technology. This electric self-balancing hoverboards offer a user to experience riding like no other before.

The ROAM electric scooter smart hoverboard gives you a quick, safe, secure and comfortably accurate two wheels motorized riding in an eye-catching design. Double digital gyroscopic individual sensors build running movement a breeze even as its zero degree rotating radiuses allows you navigate tight places with no difficulty.

This best hoverboard price scooter provides you an accurate, reliable, safe, and secure riding. ROAM comes with an excellent standard self-balancing design with a lot advanced additional built-in features like battery indicator, non-slip foot pads platform and LED headlights for safety during dark rides.

The best self-balancing hoverboard comes with the max speed of 6 MPH that allows you to travel only 9 miles of riding before recharging the battery. To fully recharge the hoverboard battery, you have to require approximately 2 to 3 hours of times. This best hoverboard has one of the best incline abilities with balance board and its 45 degrees. However, if you are skill rider of hoverboard and you know that this hoverboard is not for you, but among parents, this is the number one choice for their kids. And don’t forget that ROAM SELF BALANCING SCOOTER is available in different colors such as red, black, & blue.


ROAM SELF BALANCING SCOOTER present further more in the line of certification of UL 2272 hoverboards with satisfying performances and best suited for riding children and adults. This best hoverboard price model we recommend that this is the first best hoverboard product in the whole industry.


The hoverboard comes with the top 6 MPH speed, so it is comfortable and secure for first kids. The speed is a thing that every other rider must want in their hoverboard. And this ROAM self-balancing scooter provides users with an excellent top speed feature.


The UL certification ROAM comes with UL 2272 certified powerful battery, and UL certified power hoverboard adapter. These both certified hoverboard certificates prove us that this hoverboard is safe, secure and comfortable without having any battery problems. The battery of this best hoverboard fitted rechargeable Lithium-ion material that gathers certification of UL standard.

  • This is one of the best hoverboards that available in high 85 percent of ratings. Parents just love this hoverboard because this hoverboard is safe for their kids, and adults also love this best hoverboard because it does everything that an elder expect it to do
  • This hoverboard is incredibly easy to learn and self-balancing feature lets for easy mounting
  • Smooth declaration & responsive controls
  • Handy training mode available for new hoverboard riders
  • One hour battery life could be enhanced.
  • Cannot go uphill directly.


Good for Children or Newbies

If you are looking for a reasonable best hoverboard scooter, you don’t need to look and more than the ROAM HOVERBOARD ELECTRIC SCOOTER. This best hoverboard is perfect for adults and children because it comes with a safe limit of speed, bright LED headlights for the safety of darkness, and established features fitted to make sure that everyone who rides it has an explosion.


If you have been waiting for a chance to buy a cheap hoverboard until now, then the above BEST HOVERBOARD PRICE list offers you the best balance boards and you have to choose the one which suits your needs. You can quickly assess different self-balancing hoverboards to know that what’s ideal for you. So you have to look at all hoverboards, with their speeds, their batteries life, and also the low prices. Know your main concern, and choose that which feature is perfect for your ride and which one doesn’t to make your choice.

This is the BEST HOVERBOARD PRICE reviews & Specification Post that provides you a comprehensive overview about different balance boards so that you can select the one which is perfect for your ride!


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